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Lab Mission


The brain is a formidable computing device, outperforming our smartest algorithms in flexibility and efficiency. Understanding its key principles will enable both fundamental insights, novel treatments and technological applications.

In the lab we try to discover some of these principles using a combination of computational and neurophysiological tools. Specifically we are interested in developing and applying advanced analysis to complex, real-world conditions. Examples include multisensory integration, statistically defined stimuli (‘Textures’) and complex, naturalistic stimuli. We perform experiments in humans (EEG + behavior) and mice (Large scale neuronal recordings + behavior).

If you would like to join the search, don’t hesitate to contact us.


09/2020: Bram & Noah present first work at the Bernstein Conference!

08/2020: New opinion paper on animal research published Current Opinion in NB

06/2020: New Paper on Deep Learning in Mouse USV published in PLOS CB.

05/2020: Joint paper published on modeling synaptic transmission in J. NSci.

12/2019: Ashutosh’s first paper accepted in Neuroimage. Congratulations!

10/2019: New paper published in the Journal of Neurophysiology

10/2019: Urszula Gorska defends her Ph.D.. Congratulations!

09/2019: Bram Elevelt starts his Ph.D. Welcome!

08/2019: Paper accepted in Journal of Neurophysiology.

06/2019: Bernhard gives a talk at the IBNS conference in Cairns (Australia)

05/2019: Bernhard presents at the WASdag in Groningen

05/2019: Artoghrul joins the lab as a Ph.D. student. Welcome!

05/2019: Paper accepted in Neural Computation

04/2019: Amber and Dionne join the lab for an internship

10/2018: Collaborative Zebrafish analysis published in Current Biology

09/2018: Karol joins the lab as a Ph.D. student: Welcome!

06/2018: Pilot Grant awarded for Acoustic Tracking using the Sorama Cam64

06/2018: New paper published

06/2018: NWO VIDI Grant awarded to B. Englitz

04/2018: New paper published

02/2018: Symposium on Integration of Statistical Information in Audition at ARO

12/2017: Technology Hotel Grant Awarded in Collaboration with Simon Fisher (MPI)

12/2017: NWO ALW Open Grant Awarded

11/2017: Urszula receives the Christine Mohrmann Stipend. Congratulations!


Dr. Bernhard Englitz

Department of Neurophysiology
Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour

Huygensgebouw, Faculty of Science
Heyendaalseweg 135, 6525 AJ Nijmegen

The Netherlands

Office: HG02.205

+31 6 29 30 25 44 (mobile)

+31 24 36 52 513 (office)

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