If you play with Matlab for too long, everything starts to look like an algorithm. For many works of Minimal Art the stretch of imagination almost vanishes after some thought.

If you then happen to cherrish the soothing ‘patterness’ of Minimal Art, code seemed like a fun vehicle to develop my own versions of certain works or experiment with your own ideas (especially on loooong plane travels).

Since this approach removes even the process of production from the artist’s hand, the term Infimum Art seemed fitting. Minimal Art had only replaced the motiv (from painting) with the motiv (from molecular biology), i.e. most of the painting was determined by principle rather than choice.

I have cobbled together some code which allows one to experiment with the parameters easily and inject own basic shapes without modifying the details of plotting etc. Once my dear friend Tom finally gets me into Git, it will be properly hosted. Until then, please download this ol’fashioned InfimumTools.tgz.

Above is a Matlab version of Janet Riley’s ‘Hesitate’ and to the left a colorful version of ‘Arrest 2’.